Broadcasters need to show green and white pound some Respect

As players and fans partied late into the early hours of Monday morning after Celtic finally lifted the SLP trophy, you would have had to replay the celebratory Respect sequence by ESPN (above) if you wanted to get in the party mood as the championship winning euphoria was not really reflected by any either Sky or the BBC.

Sure they showed the post match presentation although the BBC in particular were a lot less effusive than they could have been. Celtic have played some inspirational passing football at times but this is rarely reflected by the Rangers fixated broadcasters who prefer to ignore the excitement and entertainment in favour of partisan punditry.

If you are lucky enough to see Celtic play live at home on TV you probably pay for that privilege but, as you have may been wondering already, are the broadcasters simply stealing your green and white pound and treating you with a lot less Respect than your money deserves?

If you are able to watch Celtic TV then you do get a feeling for some of the behind the scenes action, as Gregor Kyle quickly rushes to change his clothes in anticipation of a champagne soaking, or Laura Brannan fights intermittent wifi to post her live Twitter updates. But Celtic TV as yet doesn’t have the resources which the club, perhaps understandably, prefers to spend on the entertainment on the pitch. And in the era of Twitter and social media interaction only games streamed live for all territories would really hit the back of the net for Celtic fans.

There have been discussions about an official SPL YouTube channel, but let’s hope that even in the current uncertain climate Celtic can allocate resources to lead the way in this area and really provide some valuable fan-targeted content.

A change is going to come of course. Like you I don’t look to broadcasters or the tainted media to get my news and information – I look to social media and trust it more. The lack of Respect shown to Celtic fans means they are leading the way with fan based content and only the price barrier currently stands in the way of a Celtic fan based channel but that situation will soon change.

It’s the professionalism of Celtic fan media, filling the vacuum left by the broadcasters, that really shines through. Celtic Underground podcasts during the early days of Rangers administration featured some superb ‘as live’ commentary and Twitter interaction. The green and white blogosphere is vibrant, diverse and welcomes your interaction and @CQN has blazed a trail both on-line and in print.

With so many skills and talents available is it only a matter of time before we finally have a channel for Celtic supporters that will show you Respect because ultimately you’ll be encouraged to be part of it yourself?

Then maybe broadcasters will take notice. But it will be much too late for them.


3 thoughts on “Broadcasters need to show green and white pound some Respect

  1. I watched the tribute to Celtic on sky sports after the game on sunday….it was shit, it was more like a tribute to fat sally, i wasnt interested to see umpteen huns goals against us, i wasnt wanting to see poor sally walking round his patch waving at the scum…..i wanted to see nothing but our bhoys with goal after bloody beautiful goal, i dont have celtic tv …..BUT I WANT IT.

  2. These broadcasts are so very carefully controlled so as to suit their rangers fans inside and outside Sky and BBC. I particularly dislike the pathetic smug face of Rob McClown on Sportscene. Yes the man that jumped ship to take his brand of anti-Celtic bias to Setanta was welcomed back again to the queen and country bbc to make a culture out of ignoring Celtic unless its a defeat of course. Quicker we get Celtic TV the better we can ignore these dodo birds.

  3. Compare the finale of Match of the Day on Sunday to the nonsense BBC Scotland puts out and you see how inadequate and unprofessional the likes of McLean are, with his regular line-up of ex hun pundits to assist. ESPN at least try, and give us Ray Stubbs and decent guests like John Collins, i’d love to see them take over from SKY completely

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